Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out

Hello everyone and welcome to my alter ego - The Butcher of Caker Street.
This is a blog for all cakes that are too gruesome or rude to feature on my We Love to Cake blog and Love to Cake website.

I am now part of Eat Your Heart Out and also The Mad Artists Tea Party; a cake making crew created by Miss Cakehead with Lily Vanilli as her Creative Partner.

On Saturday I packed up my gruesome wares and ventured out to Torture Garden for the Valentines ball. As you can imagine most smashed people wrapped in wet look latex aren't really in the mood to eat, but our culinary treats persuaded a lot of them...

These severed Cake Trotters were made using 2 1/2 cupcakes stuck together with lots of vanilla butter cream, Jam and chocolate paste.

These Rusty Nail Suspension cakes are pretty sick but taste wonderful. Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream, jam and chocolate.

All of cakes and cupcakes from The Butcher of Caker Street can be ordered by contacting me at Love to Cake.


07779 790822

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